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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  September 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: working with the contra costa county district attorney's office to decide whether both 21-year old suspects will be charged with double homicide. >> pam:breaking news. police say, they have caught the gunman who has terrorized drivers in the south bay. hello i'm pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. in the last four months -- multiple cars have been shot at seemingly at random around blossom hill road in san jose. >> steve:tonight -- an arrest has been made. kron4's alecia reid is live
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>> pam: --- alecia what do we know about the suspect? >> reporter: a search warrant with to pay handgun that was used to shoot at car driving in blossom hill the senate seat. the crime plat last match the case seems to be handgun. -- the crime lab >> reporter: reporting live in san jose, alecia reid >> pam: thank you, alecia >> pam:more big news tonight. four oakland police officers have been fired. it all stems from the year-
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long investigation into the sex scandal involving a self- descibed call girl named celeste guap. >> pam:several other officers have been suspended. you may remember. kron 4 news that broke this story last year. >> pam:kron 4's j.r. stone is live tonight from oakland city hall. >> reporter: the mayor says it has been very soon and in regard to criminal charges being placed against the officers. >> reporter:those are some of the officers who were fired from the oakland police department on wednesday. seven others have been suspended without pay and one ordered into counseling. all believed to have been involved in a multi-city sex scandal involving a then underage escort, celeste guap. >>mayor libby schaaf--i am deeply sorry for the harm that this scandal has community trust which for many was already so tenuous. >> reporter:mayor libby
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schaaf broke news of the disciplanary actions wednesday evening. one year after the invesitgation began. in fact it was kron 4 news that first broke the story. at that time celeste guap said she had had sex with 16 officers from the oakland police department. attorney john burris says today's actions are a first step but now it's time for the district attorney to act. >> reporter:mayor schaaf is hopeful that today's actions send a message to others in both the department and the community. >> they should be prosecuted. we are talking about men who are police officers that were having sex with a minor. and to do that is this a separate violation. >> reporter:there have been a number of law enforcement agencies implicated in this wide-ranging sex scandal. and several different people have been linked to it. grant lodes is here to break down how we got her >> reporter:celeste is at a
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rehab center in florida. she is now in jail because of getting in trouble at that facility. >> steve: there have been a number of law-enforcement agencies and implicated in this wide ranging sex scandal. >> grant:it's pretty clear that former o-p-d officer brendan o'brien is a central figure. he committed suicide in september of 20-15.and left a note. implicating himself and several fellow opd officers in the underage sex scandal. >> grant:celeste guap is at the center of that. now 18.the daughter of an opd dispatcher.says she's had sex with dozens of bay area cops and deputies.some when she was just 16 years old. >> grant:the agencies named:
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oakland police. >> grant:richmond police. san francisco police. contra costa county sheriff's. alameda county sheriff's. >> grant:and the alameda county district attorney's office. back to o'brien now. >> grant:and it was sgt mike gantt that was the lead detective.investigating obrien's wife's death.back in 20-14. gantt became involved in a criminal misconduct scandal two weekends ago.when.according to kron-4 sources.he had his girlfriend writing some of his police reports. >> grant:gantt denies wrongdoing.and cleared by the d-a. but once gantt realized he was in hot water for the girlfriend police report situation.our sources say he sent a reporter evidence of the racist text messages. that have now become a third major opd scandal. >> grant:three major scandals. three people at the helm of the oakland police department, who are no longer serving in that role. >> grant:former chief sean whent abruptly resigned in
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june as the scandal was erupting. >> grant:he was replaced by ben fairow, who came over from bart's police department. days later.mayor shaff removed him.never said specifically why. then paul figueroa was the acting chief.before shaff instead decided to put the city administrator in charge of day to day police deparment operations. >> grant:three chiefs within the span of nine days during the month of june. >> grant:we have a lot more on the sex scandal on our website. we've posted the text messages kron-4 exchanged with celeste guap. plus we've posted the mayor's news conference on the sex scandal in it's entirety. >> pam:thanks, grant. >> pam:a memorial keeps growing tonight. for a man who was shot and killed in san mateo. in the last hour, the man's family has set up a 'you caring fund me' page. >> pam:the two men accused of his shooting. are behind bars tonight.
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>> pam:they are 22-year old aljenadro deleon. and 20- year old luis mercado. the shooting happened tuesday night. at a parking lot on cole grove and 36th avenue. >> pam:we spoke to a witness who heard the gunshots. and saw the shooting happen. >>"i screamed for my friend to get down and then he went running out, we both went running out." >>"he was already down, they were shooting him as he was going down." >> pam:friends of corona say, he was a really good guy and leaves behind three kids. >> pam:and in vallejo. one man has been arrested and a second man is being called a person of interest.after a pregnant teenager was shot and killed. >> pam:and it was a long dramatic stand off. that ended this morning with bullhorns, flash bangs and a suspect behind bars. >> steve:it all started on monday. police were looking for the suspects involved in the shooting death of ilaysia mc-coy. the 18-year old was killed in san pablo. she was 7 months pregnant. >> steve:her baby also died. police say tips from the public led them to the apartment complex in vallejo.around 6:00 last night.
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>> steve:swat team members were not able to talk him out and the suspect managed to get on the roof. >> steve:the fire department showed up. and managed to arrest the suspect around three this morning. neighbors who saw the whole stunned. >> it was quite a scene. more police that i have ever seen in this town. >> i already knew that what it was hit--what it was >> steve:luis morales junior was arrested for the homicide. luciano duarte turned himself in to police. later this morning. he's being called a person of interest. police say they will be working with the contra
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costa county district attorney's office to decide whether both men will be charged with double homicide. >> pam:a smoke warning in the bayit is because of a wildfire burning near the california- border. >> steve:it's called the gap fire -- and it's the biggest one in northern calfiornia this year. it's burned 29-thousand >> steve:the fire has been raging for about a week in happy camp -- on the klamath national forest. >> pam:meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the smoke warning. she has what you need to know for tomorrow. >> brittany: you want to be careful to model. this is where the fighter is. you could see some of the smoke drifting to the south towards the bay area. -- this is where the fire is located >> brittany: south bay
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temperatures will start at 58 degrees as we go into the rest of the day he will notice a lot of sunshine and to the fda with a few more clout for developing. -- clouds developing. >> brittany: and checks--i am tracking all of these changes in mind " forecast coming up in about 15 ministers--minutes >> pam:a known sex offender accused of assaulting two women in san jose. says it is all a bunch of lies. today kron 4's rob fladeboe talked to david lee russell in jail. the suspect was very agitated -- and tried to defend himself against the accusations. >> reporter: david lee russell says he is in a set behind giselle the the bars.
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--david lee russell says he is an asset. -- innocent >> reporter: russell says he met the woman had a school and then later at a bus stop. >>inaudible >> i did not touch her. >> reporter: a convicted sex offender. police said he changed to the appearance to not be noted- 0-notice
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>> reporter: >> gary: russell has the an extensive history involving sexual assault and stocking. --stalking >> is shows mr. russell inside the store. and he does appear to be stalking the women. >> reporter: he has been charged with intent. >> steve:while people have been upset with colin kaepernick. his red, home jersey is now the top selling jersey in the n-f-l. the 49ers back-up quarterback . talked today about his decision not to stand-up during the national anthem. and whether or not he plans to continue. sitting or kneeling. during the regular season.
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>> pam:justine waldman is here now. with what kaep said. >> pam:justine? >> justine:the niners home opener is monday. protest is not ending just because the regular season is starting. >>colin kaepernick, "i wish people would be as outraged about the murders that are happening in the street as they are about a protest." >> justine:colin kaepernick sat by the water coolers. >> justine:and then took a knee during the national anthem. >> justine:his protest over the treatment of blacks in america. >>boos >> justine:his decision not to stand did not sit well with critics. >> justine:, but kaep says get used to it. >>"in order to change you have to be able to agitate people at time and i think that is something necessary in this county." >> justine:some say the driving force behind his protest. his girlfriend.nessa diab.
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>> >> justine:kaep was adamant he has no intention to convert to islam. kelly. that his stance is not a distraction. colin kaepernick, "ultimately this team and this lockeroom have gotten a lot closer because of the gaining of understanding of indvidual." he's gotten support from other athletes, even the president. >>obama --i do not doubt his sincerity. >> justine:and number 7 believes other nfl players would join him if they were not so afraid of the consequences. angry with himat first, people burned his jerseys >> justine:but nowthey are league's top-seller, according to nfl-dot-com. on his instagram, keep posted he'll be donating all profits from jersey sales back into the community. >> justine: >>colin kaepernick,"jersey sales jumped because of belief that there can be change."
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>> justine:also, the mayor of santa clara weighed in. after the police officers union threatened not to patrol niners games at levi's stadium if kaep continued not to stand. >> justine:the police officers volunteer to work at the games. the mayor wrote. mr. kaepernick has the right to sit down for the national anthem, as off-duty police officers have the right to sit out football games. however, i wish they would not. >> justine:"together, we can demonstrate that freedom of speech and public safety are both important and can coexist in our community." also kaep said today. >> justine:he would still not stand for the national anthem even if the game was on sunday. which is 9/11. >> steve:thank you, justine. >> steve:we're learning more about the hours before *now former 49er bruce miller was arrested. he's accused of punching a 70-year-old in the face. and attacking that man's son in a san francisco hotel room. >> steve:tonight --- kron4's
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philippe djegal has new details about what miller was allegedly doing earlier in the day. >> reporter:the bruce miller we see smiling at the palm house restaurant in san francisco's cow hollow neighborhood sunday afternoon. >> reporter:is a far cry from the one witnesses say stumbled into tommy's joynt off geary boulevard hours later. the same man police say wobbled around with a bloody morning. >> reporter:after investigators he beat up an elderly man and his son. >> "its just a bad situation -- bad situation." >> reporter:49ers offensive lineman anthony davis one of many players after practice wednesday to react to miller's arrest. >>"he's probably one of my closest friends on the team, and its very unfortunate, very sad to watch him go through this." >> reporter:at around 11-50 sunday night. the general manager of tommy's joynt says miller walked in alone and stood in line. >> reporter:but didn't order any food. instead, the g-m says miller told patrons he had no money, and asked for their sandwiches. >> reporter:eventually, the g-m says management asked miller to leave. he was intoxicated at the time, but the g-m says miller didn't have a drink at tommy's. >> reporter:three hours later, police say miller
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mistakenly tried to enter a hotel room at the fisherman's wharf marriot, and in the process battered a 70-year-old man and his 29-year-old son visiting from illinois. >> reporter:he was arrested at a motel across the street. later monday, miller was released by the 49ers. >> "bruce is a great guy, but that one of the bad things about drinking alcohol and being under the influence. you know, it could lead to bad decisions and good people make bad decisions sometimes." >> reporter:and, you wonder what was going through miller's mind, when he was pressed up against this wall after the fight. >> reporter:his reputation and career now hanging in the balance. >>"bruce is one of the most genuine guys within this locker room and unfortunately had a rough night. >> reporter: right now there is no court date said. -- set. >> pam:tonight - a dangerous hate crime rocks antioch and tonight police are hunting for the person behind this disturbing incident. the house was tagged with racist grafitti. and set on fire.
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>> steve:kron 4's hermela aregawi visited the neighborhood where it happened. >> reporter: it was about three and a morning and the williams family was fast asleep when someone had been in a word on their home along with a swastika and tried to burn their house down with cocktails. >> someone tried to murder us. >> they tried to throw a cocktail at my front door. >> reporter: williamson and two of paul tsongas, grandchildren and dogs were inside. she is so thankful that no one was injured. --
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williams and her two adult sons. >> i speak is terrible and i did not believe that things like an antioch and i am certain and hopefully certain that this will not happen again. this was unspeakably cruel to the people that live in that house and how was it explained that to their children. >> reporter: they have designated a lot of resources in place to find the individuals that were responsible for this. >> i hope that this brings a lot of awareness to how the situation should be addressed. no one should have to go through this. with their fire-death with
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their grudge door and home on fire. this is no place for that. >> steve:apple unveiled a new type of wire=less ear=buds. next generation of the i=phone today at a press event in san francisco. >> pam:and the rumors were true the company did get rid of the headphone jack our tech reporter gabe slate explores the possible back=lash this move might cost apple. >> we have also made this. it is an adapter. and we will include that in the box with every iphone 7 and 7 + 5 well. >> pam: attack experts i've talked to said that probably
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still is not enough to squash getting rid of the headphones that. --jack >> gabe: what about the headphone jack they were able to improve battery life by two hours. -- without the >> gabe:it is slimmer, lighter and felt really good in my heanand ... plus water proof >> gabe: the first time...
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wireless earbuds but they cost $150! and, not to mentiomn they're tiny. >> gabe: easy to lose. >> brittany: cooler temperatures cooler than today. as some claudius. --
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cloudiness >> brittany: we are still warmer and oakland tonight verses last night. and mountain view. >> brittany: will not high- pressure system and control. if you notice the sort of threat is saying to the north of the spirit--if you notice the storm track is saying to the north of us. >> brittany: you concede it curving off to the east and we will have dry conditions. we should see more of an onshore flow with warmer earth--i mean, cooler temperatures i should say along with f o g in the morning. >> brittany: would take a closer look at your 7 day coming up later in the broadcast! >> pam:
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>> steve: thank you, britt! >> steve:still ahead at ten. the f-b-i in a race against time -- before a serial kidnapper stirkes again. targetting sleeping children >> pam:then. a household item you use everyday -- responsible for thousands of fires every year. new tonight -- the subtle warning signs you need to drying your clothes. >> steve:and next. a young teen dead after playing a very dangerous game. it's popular among kids. what parents need to watch out for.
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>> pam: tonight a disturbing name...coming up -- >> steve: grant lotus is
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here with rory that all parents want to hear. --this year with a story >> grant: the 11 year old from south carolina up accidentally strangled himself. the joking game which is an act of vintage chilly cutting off oxygen and. -- the chockinking game. >> has a lot of details >> grant: look for marks on
10:28 pm
their net. look for a tunnel next to hide those marks. look at their eyes. >> grant: look at certain belts for leashes the spring session of children did not have teeth--look at some bells for leashes that of children did not have. -- belts or leashes >> grant: ages 9 to 16. mostly boys disks rather than girls. -- does this rather than girls >> grant: if you want to
10:29 pm
talk to your kids. this is the time to do it fast school has started. it is just a terrible situation bridge it also has other games as well. so you will need to go to the web site to obtain more details. >> pam: thank you, grant! >> pam:it could be the start of a modern gold rush. not too far from the bay area. new tonight -- where this very valuable discovery was made. >> steve:and next. california getting ready for a vote to legalize marijuana. *but critics of the ballot measure warn the real benefit will actually *not be for pot smokers.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> pam:californians are just months away from having to decide marijuana for recreational use. medicinal pot has been legal in california for 20 years. >> steve:tonight, kron4's maureen kelly talks to a long time public health advocate who believes that prop 64 was written for more for big business interests.than the people in this state. >>--personally i think that marijuana should not be illegal >> reporter:if ucsf professor stanton glantz looks familiarit's because he has been fighting big tobacco in california for decades. this year he co authored a paper taking a look what impact legalizing pot via prop 64 will have on our state. in his opinion the negitives outweigh the positives >>--i think the war on drugs has been a failure and people shouldn't be thrown in jail for using marijuana. >>--the problem with the intuitive that's on the ballot this fall is that it's going to exchange a criminal justice problem for a public health crisis. >> reporter:while marijuana does bring relief for those battling illnesses like
10:33 pm
cancerprof glantz sayslike cigarettes there are health risks associated with smoking pot. >>--it would be like there's chemotherapy out there for cancer and for some people it does a lot of good btu it's not something you can pick up at a corner dispensary or you use in way that exposes bystanders to the second hand effects.again for years marijuana has been identified for years as a carcenogin. >> reporter:glanz is concerned that prop 64 will create a wealthy and politically powerful big tobacco.which could end up spending millions fighting to defend it's profits. >>--they see this as the new gold rush. >> reporter:but while glanz says prop 64 was written for business interests in mind rather than public health.those on the yes side saythat's not the case >>--prop 64 is not creating a wealthy special interest here around marijuana, marijuana is already a billion dollar industry in california. what prop 64 is doing is taking an illegal and illict billion dollar industry and bringing it out of the shadows into the light so we can liscense, so we know who's selling so we know who's buying so we are tracking and tracking the product and we are
10:34 pm
protecting the public health. in my view that is much more preferable system than the status quo >> reporter:the yes side says if made law.pot smokers will not be allowed to toke in public. outside of specially liscensed retail shops. they also argue that prop 64 was written so state regulators can make changes after it passes in order to protect public health. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:the professor is working on a new research project. set to be released later this month. it examines the four states where recreational marijuana has already been legalized. colorado, alaska, oregon, and washington state. >> steve:
10:35 pm
hon >> this guy has already attempted one of the auction had taken one child. -- one abduction and taken one child >> brittany: >> grant: the kidnapper was
10:36 pm
found on camera driving a malibu with a different front panel. there is a $20,000 reward leading to an arrest. >> grant: pam and steve? >> pam: steadiness. hillary clinton says that this is the most important qualities a president should have. the democratic nominee made the comment during a presidential forum. >> steve: clinton and her upon the donald trump did not square off face-to-face but the to catch it is the share the stage. mary maloney has the highlights. >> reporter: as the commander in chief form in front of veterans and active service members the candidate for president laid out their qualifications for
10:37 pm
the top job in the united states. >> i have built a great company. i've been all over the world. i've dealt with foreign companies. >> i have great judgment, i have good judgment. i know what is going on one. >> what you want in a president, it is a commander in chief is someone who listens, who he body weight what is being told to him or her. --one who evaluate what is being told to him or her >> reporter: the focus then turned to hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> how can you say it with a
10:38 pm
mistake to have a personal account i was certainly not do it again i make no excuses for it. >> how can you expect those, such as myself, lou are entrusted with the america's most sensitive affirmation to rapini confidence and nearly the ship as president in clearly crafted our national security?
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>> steve: plans to do with it.
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>> i realize a little nugget. is using, not every day you see something like that. >> reporter: searching for gold often. >> says unemployment i had nothing to do so it was just a search for something greater. >> is kind of a small piece. the weight on it makes your hand hank writ >> >>--hang >> reporter: the company says it is the real deal and
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because of the weight of it because to the $3,000 but because it was found in nature a seller or buyer could shell out even more cash. >> reporter: if you want to take a look at it yourself he is selling it. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. so everyone >> steve: so everyone in the news room is asking what is it worth? and they are safe up to 70 thousand dollars-- they're saying up to 70,0000 >> gary: sports a little
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later in this broadcast! >> brittany: weather after the break! the break! hing. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> pam: if you have a clothes dryer in your house you will want to pay attention to this story. >> steve: every year there are fires caused by lead build of. reporter lisa baylick has the warning signs to look out for and how to fix the problem. >> reporter: is not good enough to claim the-- it is
10:46 pm
not good enough to clean the lint? >> no >> reporter: it blocks the air and causes the heat to build up. >> reporter: take a look at what i found with a closer look. >> inside, you can actually see is built up. >> reporter: you combine a brush at the warehouse for $20 and you can get the breadth of the buildup out of the filter. --at you can get the rest of the buildup. >> reporter: dan not forget
10:47 pm
to pool the dryer out from behind wall. -- forget to pull >> reporter: make sure there is space in between the driver and the wall to prevent the buildup of lead in that space. -- lint in that space >> pam: brittney shipp tracking the changes... >> steve: look at that beautiful photo. >> brittany: tonight temperatures will drop down.
10:48 pm
and a closer look and remnants of the hurricane newton right now. the moisture is heading away from us and will not affect the weather. >> brittany: 66 degrees in downtown san francisco, 57 degrees in downtown oakland tomorrow morning. 64 and golden gate park's, it be in santa rosa and 58 in san jose. --the three in santa rosa >> brittany: 82 degrees and
10:49 pm
concord. walnut creek at 80 degrees. so, this is a cooling trend that will continue into the weekend. 83 and fairfield, and. tomorrow. it is behind--is the high >> brittany: it is closer to the cold to the sea temperatures back to the '60s. >> brittany: for the weekend the sea temperatures closer to average britain and are tracking a clear trend for the week up coming. >> brittany: lee would take another look at the weather
10:50 pm
at 11. >> gary: (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports!. >> steve: last week spoke with our sports director gary radnich... he was talking about the dodgers. >> gary: it is just about curtains for the giants. in orange wigs and giant orange #1 hands top 2nd/ 1-1 tie >> gary:brandon belt 2-run home run to straight-away centerfield 3-1 giants >> gary:top 5th/ 4-3 giants >> gary:hunter pence doubles on a bounce off the wall in left-center buster posey scores 5-3 giants bottom 9th >> gary:santiago casilla on in the 9th gives up a solo home run
10:51 pm
to nolan arenado 5-4 giants. >> gary:joe nathan in after casilla and josh osich couldn't get christhian adames double of the right field wall two runner score game over >> gary:final: 6-5 rockies >> gary:dodgers yasiel puig homered >> gary:the a's hosting the angels at the coliseum. newly adquired jharel cotton getting the start for the a's >> gary: one thing about sports talk is when you are sitting there and have to rip a guide to do certain things. -- rip a guy while
10:52 pm
i'm sitting on a couch and he's out there sweating. >> grant: something you don't like to do? >> gary: well, you have to do it but... >> gary:doesn't feel right. >> gary:back to a's
10:53 pm
>> gary:top 1st/ 0-0 cotton gets some help from catch to avoid kole calhoun to get on base. top 2nd/ 0-0 >> gary:cotton got it rolling. strikes out kaleb cowart swinging. cowart also loses his bat on the swing bottom 5th/ 2-0 a's oakland with bases loaded. yonder alonso hits an rbi single to right field >> gary:final: 4-1 oakland >> gary:record: 60-79 >> gary:the 49ers are a 2 1/2 point underdog against the rams. chip kelly trying to keep the focus on monday night at levi's stadium >> gary:blaine gabbert he will be the starting quarterback week 1 >> gary:colin kaepernick with his "kneel down" partner eric reid turning to the anthem situation he was asked today if with the urging of his girlfriend new york radio personality "nessa" if he's become a muslim >> i have not converted to a muslim. this is an open discussion that i have with everyone, not just my woman.
10:54 pm
her family is muslim and she is muslim and i respect them i have nothing but respect for them. >> gary:serena williams is one step major title >> gary:her big sistervenus who was eliminated in the 4th round looking on >> gary:serena just defeated simona halep 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 in the quarterfinals of the u.s. open she advances to the semifinals against karolina pilskova >> gary:serena is trying to tie steffi graf for the most major titles ever. >> gary: >> pam:that's amazing... she's amazing! >> gary: like kaep says, that's my woman! (laughter) >> gary: but she's not.
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(laughter) (laughter) this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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>> pam:according to "operation lifesaver and caltrain". there were more than two-thousand-and-fifty train verses car collisions nationwide. >> pam:and eight of those crashes occurred on caltrain crossings. >> steve:two of those happened at one particular crossing on the peninsula. kron4's stanley roberts is at that crossing and explains. >> stanley:it travels in excess of 75 miles per hour nats: ambiance >> stanley: to come to a complete stop >> stanley:it will utterly destroy anything that get in it's way, however there is really only one way to get in its way that by stopping on burlingame on broadway at california ave believe it or not people world a train can hit a car. this is jacqueline >>i would be at the train station and i be like how is
10:59 pm
the train an hour late because it hit a car how did it hit a car how did the car get in the way for the train now i understand >> stanley:until i show her just how many driver at this builingame crossing stop on the tracks often for long >> steve: >> stanley:her is what she learned from seeing this >>it's super traumatic for the train conductor to have to see someone die if they can't slowdown in time it the car is there >> stanley:oh i almost forgot to mention. jacqueline works here at maverick jacks which sits next to the caltrain tracks >> stanley: >>out restaurant is right here and it the train hits the car it literally like 15 feet away and a car could smash restaurant >> stanley:well let's pray that never happens anyway if you sit here long enough you will loads stretched across the tracks but the one thing that always makes me wonder >> stanley:this driver is sitting on the track and you have to wonder what exactly is going through her mind at this moment . yes sh sat there for almost a full minute >>nats: ambiance >> stanley:here is another driver sitting on the track
11:00 pm
. and there was this one >> stanley:i always tell you the fine if you get caught sitting on the tracks which is 490 dollars which can be easily avoided you just keep off the track . something that some drivers have a hard time understanding . in burlingame stanley roberts kron 4 news (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> steve: the gunmen who terrorized drivers and the south bay are not now behind bars. i am steve daviaveson >> pam: and i m pam moore. >> reporter: a hung gun show--a handgun about abo


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